Quote – Wilson, 2008:39

“On the other hand, if one starts from an Indigenous paradigm, then one can choose to use any tool from within that paradigm that may be effective” – Wilson, 2008:39

Wilson’s quote is one that is very inspiring and intelligent to me. It makes me think that instead of looking for tools that can fix a problem or find something new through research and than attempting to fix it, you should start from a base, within the indigenous community and move outwards.

Wilson’s quote brings my mind to start in the place we should have started from the beginning, within the indigenous community. I believe that when people begin research or begin anything knew, they tend to take a large view and look for tools from everywhere. Wilson’s quote is a reminder to start within our community. Gather your tools from where you start.

This quote reminds me to always stay centered and focus on where I came from and what my goal is through my research or in life. Whatever I decide to research, I will focus on my community and use them through every move I make.

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